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31 December 2030 @ 09:27 am

Random info before someone innocent gets hurt:
☆ While I'm on pretty much every day, don't expect me to comment much
☆ Must like or at least tolerate the Tales series...and especially must not bash Legendia
☆ I'm slow and lazy and I can let alerts stagnate for a week before replying
☆ I am human and I have the right to angst about my life here and there
☆ Don't nag me about anything WoaA related unless you're on the team or are someone I consider a "close friend" (mostly ToRP people)
☆ I do say stupid stuff...quite often, so please forgive me
☆ No, I don't understand 99% of moonspeak.

If you think you can keep up, go and click "friend", but do know I won't friend back unless you comment here. ^-^
Current Mood: curiouscurious
miken_chanmiken_chan on August 1st, 2008 12:46 pm (UTC)
Friending means that we both show up on each others' friends pages when either of us update and you have access to any entries I friends lock. Basically, the friends page is an easier way to read your friends' recent entries all in a few pages.

If you friend me back, then if you scroll over my username, it'll say we are mutual friends.

Don't worry, I know you would never nag~