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In a Single Spot of Sunshine, Only One Remains...

I am here, because I will always be calling

22 August
Miken, I have a feeling I know how any of you got to this crappy little journal. Still, I welcome everyone as long as common courtesy is respected. If you wish to friend me, I strongly urge you to read and comment here. Otherwise, I will not friend you back.

Most of my entries pertain to either the Tales games or random wank. Still, it isn't "out of the ordinary" by LJ terms.


Won't you take me in your heart

I only, I only want to be with you...

You will always have the key to my heart

I only, I only want to be with you.

From Kuraki Mai's "Key to My Heart", used as the OP song for the PS2/PSP game, Tales of Destiny 2.
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